VRIGNAUD Laurent Jean-Claude

Pélerinage à JERUSALEM à pied

To my Englis-speaking friends:

This second part of my trip (from Antalya to Jerusalem) was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Jerusalem is pure magic !!!!

If you know the Middle East, you will find a short report of the end of my trip under the title 'Retour'. You have the names of the places where I slept from Beirut to Jerusalem with the dates.

I am preparing a more detailed report. Give me time !!!

I am in Sallertaine (France). The address is :

Laurent VRIGNAUD, 30 Rue du Pélican, 85300, Sallertaine.

There should be an article on me in an Israeli magazine.

I have plans:

- a party to burn my clothes publicly in Sallertaine (soon)

-Writing the above-mentioned report

- Probably going to Turkey to write a book.

I will keep this site active